A 21st century Mindfulness Tool for the Stressful World

Achieve a relaxed, balanced and attentive present moment experience…time after time.

A Tetrad® Mndfulness support tool


Mindfulness is this simple…

  • Tetrad® is always on-hand to invoke a pleasant tactile, mindful experience time after time
  • It simply reflects the mood, colour and ambience and look’s beautiful in any environment
  • This highly customisable executive tool brings Your Message and Mindfulness to any event, gifting occassion or training environment
  • Tetrad® comes with instructions for use, safety and care (see the base of case for details)


Gift a Single Tetrad®

  • Free Shipping – £5.00 saving
  • Customising
  • Info dot’s
  • Total Saving – £5.00

Your Event Package

10/25/50 Customised Tetrad®
  • 3 Customised Info Dot’s – 2 with your Logo/Contact Info
  • Free make ready – £35 value
  • 20% discount on your Tetrad order
  • Contact us for all ‘Event Package’ options
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