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HOW TO USE A TETRAD – Pause – breath – relax … experience ‘Fluid Balance’ .

Tip: Balancing a Tetrad is a relaxed and non-competitive activity.

The vial bubbles move around the ‘middle point’ and are never fixed.


 1-2-3 Steps… 

that you can use anytime, anywhere to experience ‘Dynamic Balance and ‘Present Moment Awareness


Holding just two spheres of the TETRAD take time to centre the bubble on the level closest to you.


Comfortable and stable with this single level rotate the base of the TETRAD towards the body until the lower level also comes into balance.


Poised and focused continue turning the TETRAD until all three bubbles are finely balanced.

BREATH – BALANCE – AWARENESS – learn to de-stress with Tetrad®

BREATH – make deep and rhythmic breathing an integral part of any TETRAD® exercise – relax into the present moment. BALANCE – once relaxed and comfortable balancing all three levels, deepen the experience by extending the time spent with the TETRAD®. Returning to TETRAD® meditation in moments of daily stress is a technique to step outside our world of constant activity – to realign and rebalance. While standing hold the TETRAD® in front of you, breath deeply into your belly, move your body slowly until the three bubbles are aligned. Feel your feet firmly planted on the ground. AWARENESS – feel within your body two inches below your navel. Keep the bubbles aligned while taking slow, deep breaths. Let your thoughts come and go without focusing on them. Allow yourself to be present in the moment, peaceful and still. Dynamic balance will follow.


Once comfortable balancing your TETRA® close your eyes and stay attentive to the ‘feeling’ of holding the balanced state. When ready open your eyes. If the TETRA® is balanced you are developing the foundation of meditative practice. Visualize the TETRAD® – in your mind’s eye recreate the structural form as a three-dimensional object. With practice you will find that the above excercises enable you to experience stillness and equilibrium anywhere you choose – with or without a physical TETRAD®.


Stand with you legs shoulder width apart with relaxed knees. Hold the TETRAD™ away from your body with unsupported arms balance all three levels while you: • Move the TETRAD™ in a small circle • Move the TETRAD™ up and down




take a few minutes to BE MINDFUL


find the balance point to FEEL CALM


in awareness to BE STILL


Balance – Awareness – Mindfulness

Gift a friend


TETRAD® is delicate and will shatter on impact with hard surfaces.

Never leave a TETRAD® in direct sunlight. The spheres act as magnifying lenses and may cause fires.

“…the Tetrad has become a really transformative tool to anchor myself in the sea of chaos that I work in…I pick it up and hold it near my lap and the first thing that happens is I breathe deeply. Balancing the bubbles is like trying to hang a painting straight…it forces me to be right back in the here and now.”

-  Susanna Feder, Phd, North Bronx Healthcare Network, New York, USA.

…during creative writing and quiet study, my pupils use Tetrad for inspiration and reflection. The boys will wander up to my desk, take my Tetrad and sit with it quietly. They use it as a tool for reflection and inspiration. It enables, and seems to encourage their curiosity. 
- Emotional and Behavioural Disorders (EBD) teacher, Devon, England.