A 21st century Mindfulness Tool for the Stressful World

Experience a relaxed, balanced and attentive present moment experience…time after time.

A Tetrad® Mndfulness support tool


Mindfulness is this simple…

  • Tetrad® is always on-hand to invoke a pleasant tactile, mindful experience time after time
  • It simply reflects the mood, colour and ambience and look’s beautiful in any environment
  • This highly customisable executive tool brings Your Message and Mindfulness to any event, gifting occassion or training environment
  • Tetrad® comes with instructions for use, safety and care (see the base of case for details)






take a few minutes to BE MINDFUL


find the balance point to FEEL CALM


in awareness to BE STILL


Balance – Awareness – Mindfulness

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Design and Function - the roots of the Tetrad®
My fascination with balance and equanimity – core elements of the Tetrad – was triggered by the spirit levels I found in my father’s workshop as a boy; the purity in those simple, elemental tools, used in the search for truth and precision, remaining with me to this day.
When I set out to create the solid translucent Tetrad  you see before you I began with little more than some ping pong balls and drinking straws. For that primitive, first step, tetrahedron I went back to the virtue of those spirit levels – and their hypnotising bubbles of air –  subsequently creating a three dimensional balancing tool: the Tetrad: A way to hold ‘The Moment’ – literally, in the palms of our hands.
The next phase of its development came whilst travelling with my art throughout Europe and the US. I became intrigued, and excited by the positive responses that first Tetrad generated. Wherever I went people wanted to hold it and engage with it. And the more they focused upon it the more concentrated and cognisant they became.
I observed Tetrad ‘users’ becoming – noticeably ‘present’, more aware of their bodies, focused, and yes, balanced and ‘mindful’. What had begun as a three dimensional work of art had evolved into a instrument of reflection, rebalance and renewal, that anyone can enjoy.
Now, at long last, mindfulness is a sought after and encouraged element in progressive and successful workplaces. After all, mindful people are more creative and productive. To this end I am actively looking for ways in which the Tetrad can be integrated within the modern business sector – and beyond.
Finally, Tetrad (and its packaging) are blank canvases, the perfect mediums for premium branding and company logos. Why not personalise yours with a name or message?
Tetrad rebalancer and calm water image

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A way to hold The Moment’ – literally, in the palms of our hands

-  Jonathan Futrell
Good gear guide editor, The Sunday Times

The Tetrad has become a really transformative tool to anchor myself in the sea of chaos that I work in. I have it right on my desk and use it at various times. 
- Susanna Feder, PhD. Inpatient Psychologist
North Bronx Healthcare Network
North Central Bronx Hospital